The Third Nikon Camera Ever Built Just Sold For £320,000 in Auction

By Michael Nunez on at

Photographers are some of the most extreme brand loyalists out there, and it was proven once again when one of the oldest Nikon cameras in existence sold for £320,000 at an auction in Austria.

The clunky, old metal camera is reportedly the third Nikon camera ever built and was first assembled in 1948. Although the company itself was founded in 1917, it had been making lenses for Canon bodies until the late 40s when it decided to make the Nikon One — of which less than one thousand were manufactured.

The auction started bidding at £75,000 and was part of the WestLicht Photographica auction that sold dozens of old cameras. If you have some stockpiled cash and want to get in on the action, you can see the entire list of auctioned cameras here. We’d suggest saving your money and just browsing some of the photos from the auction. [WestLicht Auction via The Next Web]