The Week in Geek: Lego Batman, DC Rebirth, Inhumans, and More

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's time to look back at all the geeky announcements in the world of gaming, TV, film, and comics. This week we have fantastic news about The Lego Batman Movie, news on when DC Rebirth will get to all the good stuff, when the Inhumans TV show will debut on American TV screens, and more.

DC Rebirth

When DC kicked off its Rebirth event earlier this year, it kickstarted a mystery that tied the world of Watchmen into the mainstream DC comic universe. Buuut that hasn't really been explored in the months since. That's going to change in the new year. In the latest issue of DC’s “Direct Currents” magazine (via CBR), co-publisher Dan Didio confirmed that many mysteries of Rebirth will be covered in the early parts of 2017.

Evidently, the Flash and Batman will be combining their forensic knowledge to work out where the strange smiley face badge came from. Obviously we know it came from the corpse of the Comedian, but not how it ended up embedded in the Batcave's wall. We'll also find out what the heck happened to Ray Palmer, as Ryan Choi takes on the mantle of the Atom in the pages of Justice League of America.

It'd also be nice if they finally got round to that 'there are three Jokers' revelation from back in July. You'd think that would be Batman's priority.


It's apparently been revealed when the upcoming Inhumans TV series will debut on US television, thanks to a report from The Hollywood Reporter. According to the report, Inhumans' first episode will debut on 27th September 2017, with the other eight episodes being broadcast on subsequent weeks.

We still have no word on when it'll come to the UK, or on which channel, but if it's an uninterrupted eight week block then hopefully it won't be too long a wait. Especially since the first two episodes are premiering on IMAX screens across the world in early September.

The Lego Batman Movie

We have some fantastic news from the set of The Lego Batman Movie this week, because the film will feature the villain Two-Face. Oh, and he's being played by Billy Dee Williams, best known as playing Lando Calrissian in Star Wars.

Some of you may also know that Billy Dee played Harvey Dent in Tim Burton's Batman movie, before being bought out of his contract and replaced by Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Returns. Now he's finally getting his chance. He also had a cameo in The Lego Movie, providing the voice for Lego Lando.

If that wasn't enough, here's a brand new poster featuring an assortment of characters including the Justice League and Batman's extensive Rogues Gallery. There are a few characters we haven't seen in promos before, like Hawkman, Martian Manhunter, the Mutant leader from The Dark Knight Returns, and a woman I can only speculate is Dr Leslie Thompkins.

Star Wars

Rumours have been circulating that Lucasfilm isn't quite done with Obi Wan Kenobi, but unfortunately that doesn't mean a solo film is on the cards. According to Slash Film, Lucasfilm wants to feature Obi Wan in the main saga (i.e. Episodes VIII and IX), which apparently takes priority over solo films. It's not clear whether Obi Wan would be a force ghost, or be part of a flashback. It'll be interesting how Lucasfilm explains why Alec Guinness has become the much younger-looking Ewan McGregor.

This further adds some fuel to the rumour pyre that claims Obi Wan has some sort of connection with Rey. But we'll just have to wait until next December, when Episode VIII is released, to find out for sure.

The Flash

The Christmas episode (and the annoying mid-season finale) of The Flash is a very special team-up episode, with two Flashes finally teaming up together on-screen. To help in the fight against Savitar, Barry travels to Earth 3 to enlist the help of Jay Garrick. The episode also sees the return of Mark Hamill as The Trickster, only this time he's playing the more Joker-looking Earth 3 incarnation.


This week saw Supergirl cross dimensions and assist Team Arrow, Team Flash, and the Legends of Tomorrow repel an alien invasion. Unfortunately Kara Zor-El never got to see the inside of the Legends' time/space ship the Waverider. According to executive producer Mark Guggenheim, it wasn't for lack of trying, and while they kept trying to make it happen, but it never really worked. They'll keep trying next year, apparently.

It's also been revealed that Supergirl will be going up against the impish Mister Mxyzptlk during two episodes set to air in the New Year. For those who don't know, he's a being from the fifth dimension that utilises technology so advanced it seems like magic - and there doesn't appear to be a limit to his abilities. Presumably he's going to enjoy messing with Supergirl just as much as he enjoys messing with her cousin.

Thor Ragnarok

Some supposed concept art for the God of Thunder's threequel has apparently surface via Thailand Superhero Club's Facebook page. It features Hulk sporting the Planet Hulk-esque gladiator armour that debuted at this year's San Diego Comic Con, alongside Thor who is sporting an updated version of his (normally) iconic helmet and wielding two swords.

While it certainly seems to match up with what we know already, this could easily be fake. So don't be surprised if something different pops up in the coming months. That said, it wouldn't be surprising if Thor is separated from Mjolnir somehow. All those thunder powers and an immovable hammer would make gladiatorial bouts a bit one-sided.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

According to reports, the upcoming Spider-movie will feature another comic-faithful addition to Spidey's suit. Namely the underarm webbing, which is supposed to be similar to a base jumper's wing suit.

The full suit was apparently shown off at Brazil’s CCPX con, and matches up to rumours that circulated earlier this year. Those rumours also claimed that Tony Stark was responsible for extensive upgrades to Spider-Man's suit, which seems a bit daft to me. Peter was always a genius that got designed his own tech, usually on a limited budget. It seems a shame for him to rely on Tony Stark, even if he is only a teenager in the new film.

Star Trek: Discovery

Former-showrunner Bryan Fuller has clarified his role in the development of the upcoming series. Specifically, he has no role because he had to drop out to focus on American Gods.

While he wrote two episodes for the first season, and set the direction of the series, his work is done. Unfortunately timing conflicts forced his departure, presumably due to the fact the Discovery got delayed by four months.