The Week in Geek: Spider-Man: Homecoming, Power Rangers, Star Trek 4, and More

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's time to look back at all the geeky announcements in the world of gaming, TV, film, and comics. This week we have a new announcement about a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming , a hint about Star Trek 4, and a look at the new zords from Power Rangers.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

After such positive reception to Spider-Man: Homecoming's first trailer, Deadline is reporting that a sequel will arrive on 7th July 2019. Given both Avengers 4 will be released in May of the same year, it's likely that the Spidey-sequel will be the first instalment of Phase 4.

It also shows that Marvel has either great confidence in the new iteration of the character, or it's not going to let go of its most popular character particularly easily.

Star Trek 4/14

Pre-production on the fourth (or 14th, if you're being fussy) Star Trek movie has already begun, and now Simon Pegg has teased that he might be involved in the writing of the next film. A picture posted on Twitter shows him hunched over a laptop with fellow Beyond co-writer Doug Jung, with a Bad Robot figure close by.

It had initially been announced that writing duties would be taken up by J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, but the new image has people wondering whether Pegg and Jung are returning to pen the script. It's a bit of a shock, given the reports of studio meddling in the last script, so hopefully they'll let Pegg write a proper Star Trek script rather than an adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Or the duo could be working on something completely different. For now, we don't know for sure.

Power Rangers

Finally we get a decent look at the Zords from the upcoming Power Rangers reboot, courtesy of a new poster posted on

We now have a good look at the Yellow Sabre Toothed Tiger and the Red T-Rex, with the other three looming in the background (mostly) out of sight). Now all we need is a good look at Bryan Cranston's Zordon, and we'll be all set for the March release date.

Marvel Comics

Marvel's made a bunch of big announcements this week, the most notable being that Goosebumps writer RL Stine's mystery project will be a brand new Man Thing limited series. It's been inspired by Tales of the Crypt series from the 1950s, and each issue will feature a mini anthology similar to those found in those series. The series will have art by German Peralta, cover art by Tyler Cook, and a different guest artist for each anthology comic.

There will also be an X-Men one-shot titled X-Men: Prime. The series picks up after the war with the Inhumans, and will serve as a primer for the upcoming ResurrXion event. Stories will be written by the same writers as the ongoing X-Men titles, with art by Ken Lashley.

It's also been revealed that there will be a solo Iron Fist comic debuting in March next year, just in time for the Netflix series. It'll be written by Ed Brisson, with art from Mike Perkins and cover art by Jeff Dekal.

New Mutants

Earlier this week it was revealed that a new X-Men film was going to start filming during 2017, and it's been confirmed that the film in question is the long in-development New Mutants. The confirmation comes from director Josh Boone, who pretty much confirmed it when quoting a report from Den of Geek.


NBC has revealed when the long-awaited Powerless TV series will air. The DC property, set in an in-universe insurance company, will premiere in the US on February 2nd. No word on a UK broadcast just yet, but hopefully we won't have to wait long.


A brand new picture of the upcoming Wolverine threequel has confirmed old reports on the identity of Richard E Grant's character. Sadly he's not playing Mr Sinister, he's playing scientist Zander Rice.

It's a waste in my opinion. While I may change my mind once the film arrives, Grant is the perfect choice to play Nathaniel Essex's demented geneticist. But Zander Rice will likely play a big role, since he was responsible for the creation of X-23 in the comics.


Netflix is well know for having 4K versions of a lot of its original programming, but now it's announced that the service's portfolio of Marvel shows will be updated with HDR. Not only does this mean your new TV is going to get more use, it means the programmes will end up brighter with better colours. Here's a video to showcase the difference:

The updates will start with Daredevil, before moving onto Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Iron Fist is also showcased in the video, so it seems likely that adding HDR will become the standard for Marvel shows in future. Presumably, if all goes well, it'll be rolled out to other Netflix Originals.


The BBC has revealed the title for the third and final episode of Sherlock's fourth series. It's called The Final Problem, which links back to Moriarty's speech in The Reichenbach Fall, and certainly doesn't bode well for the famed detective.