The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

The end of the year is fast approaching, with all the hectic work that comes with it. But the apps keep on coming, so let's take a look at what the last week had to offer. This week we have Cortana, All Hours, Audio Jack, and more.

All Hours

£0.79: iOS

Finding the opening hours for business establishments isn't exactly difficult, but the process could always be a bit more streamlined. All Hours is designed to make it incredibly easy to find opening hours, marketing itself as a discovery tool that lets you find new bars, shops, restaurants, and so on, based on their opening hours. So if you're turfed out of your favourite drinking establishment at two in the morning, you can find something else nearby.

Audio Jack

£2.69: Windows

A simple audio editor, designed to make dealing with your audio files easier than ever before. Cut paste, merge, and so on, without having to go through a complex learning process. It only deals with simple audio files, however, so those of you dealing with less common filetypes like FLAC will have to look elsewhere.

Beta Apps

Free: Android

Installing beta versions of Android apps isn't really a new development, but now there's an app that will let you gain access to all the beta software Google Play has to offer at the touch of a button. All you need to do is scroll through the lists present within the app, and click on them to gain access to all the 'unreleased' beta features. It's never been easier to be an early adopter.

Checkie! Visual Checklist

£0.79: iOS

A text free notification system that makes sure you don't forget anything every time you, or your family, leaves the house. Simply drag the belongings you need to take with you each day, set the time, and it'll offer a nice visual reminder to ensure you don't forget one of your most important possessions.

Chrome (Update)

Free: Android

Having Chrome on Android isn't exactly hard, since it's pre-installed, but in case you're using another browser Google just offered one nice incentive to jump back on-board. Now Google has enabled users to download webpages, videos, and music ready to be used offline - essentially negating the need for reader apps like Pocket. Webpages can be downloaded with a single tap from the overflow button, and users will see a download icon pop up next to suitable media. Everything can then be accessed in the overflow menu's Downloads section.


Free: Android

Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant is no stranger to Android, but for the first time she's now available in the UK. Or at least, she's available directly from Google Play. There's nothing too dissimilar from the likes of Google Now, but if you want a change - or you want a consistent VA experience across your desktop and mobile devices - then it's definitely one to try.

Next Episode (Update)

Free (With optional subscription): Android | iOS

Avid TV watchers will know what a pain it is to keep track of all their favourite programmes - especially when American stuff can go off the air for weeks at a time for no good reason. Next Episode keeps you up to date bu telling you what's being broadcast and when.

The Android version has updated to let you use the local timezone, which is pretty weak. The iOS version, however, has had a much meatier upgrade. The free version has IMDB integration, and 3D touch-based quick actions. Pro subscribers will also get a compact widget, and notifications for big film releases.

PNP 2016: Portable North Pole

Free (with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

Christmas is coming, and so are all the themed apps. This one has popped up for quite a few years, and helps preserve the magic of Santa in the digital age. I mean, why post him a letter when you can email him or try and call him through Skype? For a small fee, PNP will create personalised video messages to your children from Saint Nick himself. If that's not really for you, personalised phone calls are also an option. Plus there's a special kids-only area, locked away from the rest of the app, that lets children play games and amuse themselves.

Ready Maker

Free: Windows

An app for helping you create your own games ad software without actually having to learn to code first. It essentially teaches you how to "think in code" during the development process, simplifying the process and giving you a sense of achievement in the process. Once you're done, apps can be played on Mac, PC, and iPads, so you can actually use the thing you've spent all that time creating.