The Week's Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's the end of the year, more or less, with Christmas at the end of the week and New Year's Eve at the end of next week. So it's going to be one very, very busy week. Last minute shopping, getting the food ready, or just trying to make your way round the supermarket with all the squawking excitable children running all over the place.

Well maybe you should get your shopping delivered this week. And while you're waiting for it to arrive, make sure to chjeck out this week's dose of apps.

Airport by FLIO (Update)

Free: Android | iOS

With Christmas coming, travelling is going to be manic. If you're planning on flying anywhere, make sure this app is on your phones. Airport if a comprehensive guide to the world's biggest airports, offering up all the information you need to shop, navigate, access free Wi-Fi, and more. This latest update offers quick access to airport essentials, an A-Z directory for each one, and speed improvements. One guaranteed way to make your travel experience hassle free.

Apple Support

Free: iOS

If you're having a problem with your iOS device, generally that means taking it down to the genius bar for answers - lest you suffer the wrath of online tech support articles. Apple Support is a new app direct from Apple, designed to make it easier. It's filled with articles designed to answer your questions, has a direct link for chatting with Apple support reps, and the option to book in a repair at your nearest Apple Store.

Astra for Alexa Voice Services

£0.79: iOS

So you're bored of Siri and want something a little bit different. What do you do? You can give Alexa a try with Astra. It might not seem that different, but Alexa is integrated into more third party services than Siri, meaning you can use your iPhone to connect with Amazon and control your smart home devices - all without the need of an Amazon Echo.


Free: iOS

These days there are apps encouraging you to do just about everything. Exercise, cook, journal, explore, and so on. Bookout is like that, but with a focus on reading. Not only does it function as a library of all the books you've read (and how far you're into your current page-turner), it also encourages you to bury yourself into a book at least once a day. You set your own goals, and it shows you how well you're doing with several different reading-based states. If you're finding it hard to find time for your books, this might be the one for you.

Friendly for Facebook

Free: Android | iOS

The Facebook app is shit. It's a drain on resources, kills battery life, and doesn't even have messenger anymore. So get Friendly for Facebook instead. It's a cut down version of Facebook, similar to the old mobile site, with an emphasis on speedy use. It has passcode security, more control over your news feed, messengers (!), and customisable design.

Gfycat Loops

Free: Android | iOS

Creating GIFs has never been easier, and Gfycat Loops lets you create your own from your device's camera or from footage stored safely in your gallery. Android users also get to record their screen and turn that footage into a GIF, all without leaving the app. It also gives you access to Gfycat's extensive library of GIFs, searchable within seconds.

Netflix VR

Free: Android

If you have a Gear VR, Netflix has been around for sometime. Now, thankfully, it's available with Daydream, so you can enjoy all your favourite streaming videos on your cloth-covered headset. Unfortunately this is exclusive to Daydream-enabled devices (the Google Pixel and Moto Z), so you won't be using it with your cheap cardboard headset anytime soon.


Free: Android

Using our phones is bad for our posture, particularly in the way we tend to lean over things. This runs in the background, overlaying your screen, and whenever your posture leans into a position that's bad for your neck and back it gives you a warning and tells you to short that shit out.

Spoticast for Spotify (Update)

£3.89: Windows

Windows devices have their own official version of the Spotify app, but it can't really hold a candle to Spoticast. Not only does it have all the good stuff Spotify can offer, it also has YouTube video integration, 360-degree videos, wireless casting, and more without needing a Spotify Premium account. This latest update also lets you download and save tracks for offline listening, with an improved layout. It may be a pricey app, but it's not as pricey as a monthly Spotify membership.