Thieves Are Using Signal Jammers to Stop Car Doors From Locking

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new sort of modern thievery is being carried out at motorway service stations, and we're not talking about the price asked for a cup of tea and a stale danish pastry in the cafe. Car thieves are using signal jammers to interfere with remote-locking door systems, then making off with the contents of the cars all easy-peasy like.

That's according to Thames Valley Police, which says the criminals aren't going so far as to steal or somehow encode the key data, but are simply using rough jamming tools to stop some doors from being locked properly as stressed families head off for an overpriced coffee, a stretch of the legs, a blowjob from a lorry driver (southbound only) and perhaps a go on Sega Rally 2 in the arcade, at the Chieveley, Reading and Membury service stations along the M4.

Jamming the locking signal dad thoughtlessly pinged off over his shoulder while worrying about how much four drinks and sandwiches are going to cost means the cars are left open, with TVP saying they've tracked 14 such crimes of late in which stuff was taken from vehicles without leaving any sign of a forced entry. They haven't yet ruled out it being really small criminals sneaking in through the exhaust pipe and ventilation system, though, although experts say that's unlikely. [BBC]

Image credit: Wikipedia

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