Twitter's New VP Of Product Doesn't Really Use Twitter

By Gizmodo UK on at

Twitter recently announced their newest hire: Vice President of Product Keith Coleman, formerly Founder and CEO of startup Yes Inc., makers of social apps. Coleman also previously worked at Google as a product lead, where he worked on services like Gmail and Gchat.

But here's the problem–Coleman has only tweeted 151 times (as of today, anyway). He's been on Twitter since 2007. That's less than 17 tweets a year, and, in fact, between 2007 and 2014, he didn't tweet at all, despite working in the tech industry.

Is this important? Apparently not, since Twitter hired him anyway–but given that the Head of Product role seems to be the tech equivalent of the Defense Against The Dark Arts position, with no one managing to last longer than a year (though, luckily, that's not because they're being killed off–they're just moving to other, presumably more prestigious roles), time will tell if Coleman's reign will last as long as his seven-year Twitter dry spell.