UberPool Expands to Zone 3 in London

By James O Malley on at

From 4pm today, you'll be able to UberPool all the way to London's Zone 3.

The company has announced an expansion of the ride-sharing service that doubles the service area to include areas as far-afield as Muswell Hill, Wimbledon and Dulwich - so middle class people are going to be absolutely delighted. Here's a map of the new coverage area - with the expansion in blue:

Pool differs from Uber's standard UberX service, as it will try and pair you with someone else heading in roughly the same direction - and it'll charge you both a fixed fee rather than something variable. It's within Uber's interest to drive as many customers on to Pool as possible, as it means that the company's service becomes more efficient as there is less dead time when drivers are between passengers.

This weekend marks the first anniversary of the service being introduced in London. Uber says that since launch Pool has been used over 3 million times - and it reckons this has saved 30kg of Nitrogene Oxide emissions.

So good news if you like the option of lazily getting a cab home rather than walking all the way to the Tube. But sadly it means that we're still waiting for Uber Helicopters.