Watch New Footage of Jeremy Clarkson Playing A Wise Man in an Excruciating Nativity Play

By James O Malley on at

Ah, 2007, it was a simpler time for Jeremy Clarkson. Before Top Gear became a phenomenon, before the altercation with the producer, and before Amazon's millions meant that he could literally destroy his house.

So what was Jeremy up to back then? According to a new video that has been newly unearthed by The Guardian, the answer is "starring in an absolutely excruciating nativity play". Seriously, have a watch:

It's enough to make the scripted parts of The Grand Tour look like Shakespeare.

It was created by The Sun newspaper in 2007, apparently to "spread festive cheer" - but it's release was banned by then editor Rebekah Brooks. And watching, you can understand why.

It also stars footballer Ian Wright, Lorraine Kelly (as Mary), former Home Secretary David Blunkett, as well as a host of other then-regular Sun contributors, and ironically it is basically the total opposite of a Christmas miracle.