Watch This Stan Lee Marvel Cameo That You've Probably Never Seen

By James O Malley on at

On January 11th, Hong Kong's new Disneyland is getting a new attraction: The Iron Man experience. Located in the Stark Expo section of Tomorrowland, the "experience" sees participants getting a chance to fly close-up with Iron Man, as he zips around the city. Something a bit like this:

Essentially, it looks similar to what is often called a "4D" cinema attraction: 3D glasses, but with added moving seats, wind effects and the like.

What's fun though is that during what would otherwise be just another boring safety briefing, there's a surprise cameo from none-other than 93 year old Stan Lee himself. In a surprisingly good visual gag, the kid next to him takes off his Iron Man mask to reveal that he has a Tony Stark-like goatee painted on too. Check it out below:

Marvel fans will know that a cameo from serial creator Stan Lee is a staple of a Marvel movie - with him putting in appearances in all but a handful of films since 1989. Here's a full compilation.

So good work, Disneyland Hong Kong, on maintaining a nice little tradition.