You Probably Can't Afford This Gold-Plated, Diamond-Encrusted Trump iPhone Case

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Goldgenie, a store in the UAE that essentially slaps a golden coating on everything it possibly can before selling it to people with lots of money and exquisite taste, has created the product of the year -- we’re calling it -- a gold-plated, Donald Trump-emblazoned iPhone case studded with diamonds.

Just stunning.

Before you all cancel your Christmas plans and head to your nearest airport, we should mention that it’ll cost you a cool $151,000 (£123,000). I know, 2016 right? Yet another heartbreaking setback.

According to Frank Fernando, Goldgenie’s MD, a Chinese woman requested the Trump case last month. He told CNN Money that he believes her family plans to give it to the president-elect after his inauguration.

Totally unsurprisingly, Goldgenie’s received a further nine orders for the Trump case since creating it, and we expect that figure to go through the roof. A golden case emblazoned with that picture of Trump and Farage is the one I want to see next. [CNN Money]