10,000 UK Volkswagen Owners Join Forces for £3.6bn Compo Claim

By Gary Cutlack on at

A law firm has gathered together a mass of around 10,000 VW owners in the UK, and is promising them riches beyond their wildest dreams (around £3,000 each) if it manages to force the carmaker into paying compensation for fiddling emissions test data.

The billions of pounds are being chased by law firm Harcus Sinclair UK, which has launched the case against VW in the UK courts. The group action is being taken to the High Court, and with around 1.2 million cars affected by the dieselgate scandal, there's clearly room for the total bill VW might face to rise in the event of a decision going against it.

HS UK actively asking for more VW owners in the UK to sign up for their possible lump of compensation, with a custom site saying: "Joining the group legal action against Volkswagen is straightforward. You will be represented by Harcus Sinclair UK Limited which is leading the action against VW. Once you have provided your details, the necessary information about your car and have confirmed that you wish us to act for you, we will proceed with the case on your behalf at no cost to you."

So you really might as well have a go if you own one. It's PPI for cars. [VW Emissions Action via Reuters]

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