12-Sided £1 Coin Coming in March

By Gary Cutlack on at

The new 12-sided pound coin has been given a launch date, with the Bank of England set to dump jingling bags full of them on the steps of retailers on the morning of March 28.

The dodecagonal coin will exist alongside the current £1 piece until October, with today's £1 ceasing to be legal tender on October 15. So if you have a secret stash or a jam jar or a bucket full of them, get them changed or banked or spend them on graphics cards before October, when they'll stop being proper money and turn into miniature paper weights and draughts pieces overnight.

It's all being done to make the coins more secure and less easy to 3D print or make by filing down a £2, with the new £1s incorporating a hologram-like engraving that flips between the £ sign and the number 1 when being tilted. [BBC]