370 People Complain About Spam Calls Every Day

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Information Commissioner's Office has published some of the numbers it deals with in the world of unsolicited phone calls, revealing that on your average grey and sad UK day it receives 370 complaints from people fed up with all the automated spam calls about PPI and accidents that get flung about the country.

That's a huge amount of angry people, given most reactions to dead-air robot calls is to sigh and make a futile attempt to block the number. And what do we all do now when the phone rings and it's no one? We look it up. Number look-up specialist Tellows says it received a staggering 7,624 requests for information about one single mobile phone number on one day, which clearly suggests that the illegal practise of making mass cold automated calls without consent is going on.

There's some trickery involved too. One of the more common complaints involved being called by a lady called "Julie Smith" who asks the recipient if they've had a car accident recently. Anyone amazed enough at this coincidence to say yes will then be forwarded by "Julie" -- actually an automated script -- to a real human to take the details.

In short, carry on never answering the phone. [BBC]

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