A Look Back at the Films and TV Shows of 2016

By Casey Chan on at

Do you want to take a look back at 2016? Yeah, me neither. I’ve blocked out so much of what happened last year that I’m not even sure if it was a memorable year for film and TV shows. If I squeeze my brain really hard to remember: Spider-Man was fun in Captain America: Civil War, the trailer for Arrival looked great (I didn’t watch the actual film yet), Game of Thrones ruled this season, Westworld was a show people like to talk about way too much, and that’s about it. I’ve forgotten everything else.

Max Shishkin didn’t forget though, he made a wonderful video about the movies and TV shows of 2016 and it’ll maybe make you think 2016 wasn’t so bad. Obviously, spoilers aplenty and there are also some NSFW bits in there too.