A Voice Remote for the Amazon Echo is Your 'Alexa, Solve My First World Problems' Deal of the Day

By Gizmodo UK on at

Here's the latest first world problem to swing our way. You have an Amazon Echo, but your single device can't cover the entire house or struggles with all the background noise. Rather than buy multiple devices, you can opt for a dedicated voice remote that you can carry around with you. It lets you bark commands at Alexa via Bluetooth, even if the basestation is too far away. It also has volume control and media playback buttons. It can be yours for £15.99 at Amazon UK with the code 20NEWYEAR.

Another first world problem you can solve involves storing your PS4 vertically. It's perfectly capable of being upright without a stand, but if you want a bit more support then you might want to invest in a stand. Keeping your PS4 vertical and sturdy is pretty much all it does though. It can be yours for £14.99 at Tesco Direct.

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