Adorable Kitchen Tool Turns Radishes Into Super Mario Power-ups

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Radishes may not be the best food option to help a picky eater expand their palette. But if your kid loves playing Super Mario Bros., this neat little kitchen tool can turn red radishes into snack-sized power-ups that will also help your small human grow — just not as fast as Mario does.

The £10 Ravanello tool shaves down the bottom of a radish to give it a mushroom-like stem. A gouging tool can then be used to carve out semi-circles on the top, giving the vegetable the appearance of a polka-dot-covered toadstool.

The tool — which, while slightly useless, is also admittedly fun — doesn’t change the flavour of the radishes, and it doesn’t imbue them with any magical powers. But don’t pretend like you wouldn’t devour a salad tossed with these vitamin-packed power-ups. [Animi Causa]