Adverts Are Coming to Make Facebook Messenger Even More Irritating

By Tom Pritchard on at

It may be irritating that Facebook sliced off Messenger out of the main app, but one advantage was that it didn't then force more adverts onto you. Well that's just about to change, because the social media titan has announced that Messenger is now getting adverts.

It's a surprise it took so long to happen, because more adverts thrust into your face means more bags of cash for Zuckerberg and his cronies.

The good news is that the adverts won't be barging into your conversations, and will remain on the main screen (for now, at least). They're designed to be similar to the notifications Messenger throws at you at various intervals, such as when it's your friend's birthday. This also means that they don't behave like the kind of adverts you'd expect from the main site.

Tapping on an app opens up what Facebook is calling an 'ad experience'. In a nutshell, you get to chat with a bot about the product or service that's being plugged. It's not clear what this 'experience' will look like, but it's probably going to be similar to the chatbots introduced a while back. Why else would they have pioneered that bit of tech if they weren't going to monetise it at some point?

At the moment Messenger's adverts are being trialled in Australia and Thailand, but if successful you can start expecting them to pop up on your phones. [ TechRadar]