Alexa Won't Tell You A Trump Joke Anymore

By Holly Brockwell on at

Since what we need in these dark times is apparently less humour, Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant has stopped telling jokes about Donald Trump.

Up to now, you could say "Alexa, tell me a Donald Trump joke" and she'd respond with a sparkling witticism like this:

Now, though, she comes back with "I don't know any Donald Trump jokes. But you can ask me for a political joke instead."

Though the Redditor who originally spotted the change wondered if this was censorship (which would be understandable, given the Trump administration's reaction to people taking the piss), CNET reports that it's actually a result of Amazon withdrawing the content that was put in specifically for the US election. Alexa would also tell you a joke about Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama and so on - and none of those work now, either.

However, as Alexa points out, you can still ask for politically-themed jokes - when we tried it, she responded:

"I generally don't like political jokes - there's been too many elected."

Maybe she tells Trump jokes after all. [Reddit, CNET]