App That Finds Lost Apple AirPods Vanishes From App Store

By Holly Brockwell on at

A widely-reported $3.99 (which would probably have been £3.50 or so) app that promised to help you locate a lost Apple AirPod has mysteriously vanished from the App Store. 'Finder for AirPods', created by Deucks, intended to help AirPod owners to track down a lost earbud using Bluetooth and a 'hotter'/'colder' system.

The app could only find AirPods that had already been paired to the phone, so Apple can't have been concerned that people would use it to go looking for free ones. MacRumors spoke to the developer and claims that "Apple reportedly did not like the idea of people locating their AirPods and thus the app was deemed "not appropriate for the App Store."" Strangely, Deucks' other apps - many of which are similar, including Finder For Jawbone and Finder For Fitbit - are still up.

Apple hasn't yet given a statement about why the app was yanked, although losing out on £65 might well be on the list. If you bought Finder For AirPods, Deucks' recommendation is to get a refund from iTunes - which will go pretty much no way towards replacing your lost pod. Sorry. [MacRumors via The Verge]

Photo: Deucks