Apple's Clickwheel iPhone Prototype Code Has Been Discovered

By Gary Cutlack on at

A prototype iPhone operating system featuring an entirely different way of doing things has been uncovered, running something called Acorn OS and allowing for the show to be controlled by the same clickwheel interface as used by the iPods of the day.

The system has anĀ on-screen clickwheel to control everything, with a similar UI to the one on the iPods of the time and including your expected SMS options -- and a dialler controlled by a spinning number selection tool -- but no web browser.

There's even a video of it all:

The software doesn't appear to be running on an actual prototype iPhone, though, hence the mysteriously dark background. And the actual device would've swapped the software clickwheel for a real one, should it have been built. [Sonny Dickson via The Verge]

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