Barnsley Village Goes Battery Powered

By Gary Cutlack on at

40 homes in Oxspring, near Barnsley, are taking part in a pioneering trial that'll see them fitted with batteries to run their homes, using stored energy generated by local rooftop solar panels.

The trial's being coordinated by battery company Moixa and local solar specialist Energise Barnsley, and hopes to create what they describe as a "virtual power plant" by linking the homes together to better cope with local demand. Bottlenecks in the power grid can stop solar systems feeding their energy back into the network when they're generating more than can be used by the owner, so using a battery to save it up and spreading it about locally makes sense -- and means more panels can be installed on homes without the need to upgrade the power grids.

Moxia boss Simon Daniel said: "By managing clusters of home batteries in a virtual power plant and allowing homeowners to use more of their solar energy, thereby exporting less, we believe we can significantly reduce peak generation output onto the network. This will allow more homes to go solar without imposing new costs on network operators." [ELC, FT]

Image credit: Energise Barnsley