BBC Casts Real Robot To Play Robot In "I, Robot"

By Holly Brockwell on at

For the first time, a real robot has been cast in an adaptation of Isaac Asimov's 'I, Robot,' to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Stanley Qubit, a NAO humanoid robot made by SoftBank Robotics (who also make the popular Pepper "social emotional" robot), will play a number of parts in the 15-minute radio adaptations of Asimov's 'I, Robot' collection of short sci-fi stories. His characters include a digital diary and a drinks-making robot.

Stanley Qubit, as he'll probably appear on 'Before They Were Famous'. Image: Chris Middleton

The plays will be broadcast during the last 15 minutes of Woman's Hour, traditionally used for drama. They'll be on air at 10.45am from February 6-10, with an omnibus edition on Radio 4 Extra the following day.

Journalist Chris Middleton, who owns Stanley, told Gizmodo "As far as I know, Stanley Qubit is the first real robot to appear in a version of 'I, Robot' – making it a truly historic moment." It's not Stanley's first shot at showbiz, though - Middleton tells us he's previously co-hosted 'Sunday Morning Live' on BBC1, as well as having "taken primary school assemblies, opened a Covent Garden restaurant, helped blue-chip companies imagine the future, and much more besides."

Sonny - the CGI robot in the Will Smith film 'I, Robot' - was played by Alan Tudyk.

Photo: SoftBank Robotics