BlackBerry Returns (Again) With QWERTY Android Phone With No Name

By Gary Cutlack on at

TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited, the current owner of the BlackBerry brand, has announced a new BB mobile at CES, although it's not gone so far as to give it a name. It's the "...latest BlackBerry smartphone" and they're still trying to think up a good name or number for it.

They're going for "security, productivity and reliability" as the three main selling points of the unnamed device, and what's clear from the little embedded teaser reel of images it released is that it comes with a physical QWERTY keyboard. We've lost track of if that's something people have been asking for or have completely given up on nowadays.

Early impressions from users at CES say it has a quality metallic chassis and beats the Priv by having a fingerprint sensor in its spacebar, with USB-C charging and the  Android 7.0 or Nougat software onboard at the moment.

More details, including a name and that stuff you care about like processors and resolutions, will be announced in February, around the time of Mobile World Congress, where lots of other companies will have phones that might be a little bit more exciting than a BlackBerry. [TCT via Android Central]

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