Bob Dylan Painting Appears To Have Ripped Off A Blogger's Photo of Blackpool Pier

By James O Malley on at

Bob Dylan may be a world famous musician and Nobel laureate - but it appears that his paintings need a little bit of help.

Last year a collection of Dylan's paintings were exhibited in London as part of The Beaten Path exhibition at the Halcyon Gallery - and it appears that one of them was, umm, "inspired", by a photo taken by an anonymous blogger.

Diamond Geezer, who for my money is the best blogger on the internet, has discovered that a 2015 watercolour by Dylan, supposedly showing a pier in Norfolk, Virginia, actually looks an awful lot like a photo he took of Blackpool's North Pier:


Apart from the fact that the two look far too similar for it to be a coincidence, as DG notes Dylan's art has something of a history of, umm, inaccurate geography - and Dylan has previously referred to using the "camera obscura" method while painting. Several paintings are also apparently based on screengrabs from films.

So how does DG feel about Bob Dylan using his work as "inspiration"? "I'm not angry. It's not like the Daily Mail or Guido Fawkes pinched it, neither is it in my nature to expect massive compensation. I'm not exhilarated", he writes, "But I am astonished, because who wouldn't be?

You can read his full write-up on his blog, and then you should check back every day like I've been doing for the past decade, as it is relentlessly fascinating reading. [Diamond Geezer]