British Sandwich Association Excited About Brexit Food Labelling Possibilities

By Gary Cutlack on at

The people in charge of sandwiches in the UK are excited about the wide range of possibilities opened up by the Brexit vote's potential binning of some EU regulations, and have suggested -- brace yourselves! -- that changing "use by" to "use by end of" on sandwich packaging may be a revolutionary change that could turn the tide on food waste.

Well that's what The Grocer says. It quotes a letter that the British Sandwich and Food to Go Association has sent to Brexit secretary David Davis this week, in which BSA director Jim Winship said: "We would welcome the flexibility to return to this as we believe it is both clearer to consumers and to retailers. This simple change would have a significant impact on food wastage at the end of shelf-life."

Winship's not been happy about this seemingly tiny bit of wording he's been lumbered with for years, it turns out, as he and his sandwich overlord friends say it shows that EU legislators have a lack of understanding of the UK sandwich market. [The Grocer]

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