Brits Flock to Sealand to Escape Tarnished Mainland

By Gary Cutlack on at

The extremely small and mostly concrete principality of Sealand is experiencing a surge in popularity, as UK citizens not keen on retaining a British passport regardless of its future colour are attempting to switch nationalities.

Sealand is a well known Second World War fort that sits in the sea around six miles off Felixstowe, where owner Michael "Prince Michael" Bates runs a little business selling aristocratic titles, mugs, stamps and coins, while wondering what he can do to make his offshore legal micronation more attractive to visitors.

The prince said he's been battered with passport requests of late, saying: "The number of applications has been staggering - there have literally been hundreds every day via the website. We have replied to some out of courtesy but have simply not been able to reply to them all. It's just not been possible."

Which sounds like he's missing a trick and should be charging £10,000 for a passport and a weekend mini break to complete the paperwork. Although the prince is not currently issuing any visitor visas due to "the current international situation and other factors," so he's probably not so keen on kickstarting a mass immigration spree, seeing as Sealand is quite a small place. [Express]