BT Call Protect Automates Spam Caller Block

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT says it's DOING SOMETHING about the modern menace of the spam phone call, and is harnessing the power of something new and exciting to basically automatically add loads of callers to your blocklist if you opt in to the Call Protect service.

The network says it hopes its Call Protect tool will stop around 30 million nuisance calls each week, which would be nice were it not for the fact that it's BT's own network that empowers them to do so, so cleaning up its own mess is not exactly something to be proud of. As well as being automated, it works by callers dialling 1572 immediately after receiving a bothersome call, then manually adding the number to their own personal spam list.

BT's come up with some ludicrous mumbo-jumbo to describe the automated part of the process:

"The launch of the BT Call Protect service has been made possible by a technological breakthrough, which has been achieved by harnessing huge computing power to analyse large amounts of live data. This analysis enables network experts at BT’s centre in Oswestry in Shropshire to identify rogue numbers – typically those that make enormous numbers of calls - and to add them to a BT blacklist."

How about instead of adding them to a blacklist you send an Openreach van out to cut every bit of wire coming out of their premises, then bill them for the work? Then tie their legs together with copper and throw them in the sea? [BT]

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