BT Hikes Broadband Prices Across The Board

By James O Malley on at

Annoying news for BT customers today as the company is expected to announce an above inflation price rises that will affect every BT broadband and TV customer.

According to, all basic broadband packages are rising by £2/month, with BT Infinity fibre rising by £2.50/month. Line rental is staying at £18.99 but cost per minute is going up by a penny for calls to both mobiles and landlines. Call setup fees - the flat rate fee that you pay per call by making a connection - has increased by 2p to 21p. In other words, it's probably good news that nobody under the age of 70 has made a landline call in the last decade.

If you have any anytime call plan, the monthly fee is going up by 49p to £8.99, and if you have an evenings and weekends package it is increasing by 30p to £3.80/month.

There's also annoying news for BT TV customers, as BT Sport will no longer be free to lower tier subscribers - though mid and upper tier subscribers are for now unaffected. If you're a BT Broadband user and you want to get BT Sport on your Sky box, it'll cost an extra £1.50/month - and non-BT customers who want BT Sport on Sky are getting a hike of £1/month.


If you're particularly furious though, there could be good news. As according to Dan Howdle, consumer telecoms expert at

"Customers should remember that under current rules, in the event of a price hike, they have the right to switch out of their contract free of charge. As a BT customer you do get a vote in this – but it's a vote with your feet."