CES 2017: The Best of the Show So Far (Day 2 Update)

By Tom Pritchard on at

Just as soon as the New Year kicked things off, CES has hit Las Vegas to shower the world with all sorts of fancy and extravagant gadgets.

There is a lot going on over in Nevada, and much of it happening while us Brits are trying to get some much-needed rest. So, to help you stay on top of things, we've rounded up every scrap of news and plonked it here for your convenience. Make sure to keep checking back as well, since we'll be updating this throughout the week.


These are the Only Cables Coming Out of Samsung's New TV Read More >>

Sony's New OLED TV Is Both the Screen and the Speaker Read More >>

Sony's Gigantic Space Wall Is Actually Hundreds of Tiny LED Tiles Read More >>

The Curved TV Gimmick Might Finally Be Dead Read More >>


Linksys Wants to Eliminate Wi-Fi Dead Spots With These Tiny Towers Scattered Around Your Home Read More >>

This Two Terabyte Flash Drive Is Packing More Storage Than Your MacBook Read More >>

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Move Over, Netflix, Linksys' New Wi-Fi Router Prioritises Video Games Read More >>

A New Accessory Makes the MacBook Pro Actually Suitable For Pros Read More >>

Samsung's New Chromebook Knows What You Want to Write Before You Do Read More >>

LaCie's Fastest Rugged Drive Yet Also Plays Nice With Your USB-C Laptop Read More >>


Nvidia Is Bringing Better Game Streaming to Facebook Live Read More >>


This Is the First Action Camera With FLIR Thermal Imaging Built Right In Read More >>

You Can Justify Buying FLIR’s New Professional Smartphone Thermal Camera As a Job Expense Read More >>

SanDisk's New Memory Card Will Speed Up Apps Not Stored on Your Smartphone Read More >>

Phones & Wearables

There is Now a Wearable For Babies Before They Are Born Read More >>

Asus' Crazy New Phone Takes 92 Megapixel Photos Read More >>

LG's New OLED TV Might Be One of the Thinnest TVs Ever Made Read More >>

Garmin's Fēnix 5 Squeezes Satellite Navigation Into a Slim Fitness-Tracking Smartwatch Read More >>


Smart 'IQbuds' Promise to Help Filter Out the Sounds Around You Read More >>

What the Hell Is Technics Thinking?

Virtual Reality

The Vive's New Tracker Turns Every Real World Object Into a VR Toy Read More >>

These Shoes Let You Feel The Surface You're Walking On in Virtual Reality Read More >>


Samsung's New Washer Lets You Drop Two Loads at Once Read More >>

Black+Decker's New Robovac Compresses Dirt Into Discs That Are Easy to Throw Away Read More >>

This Shiny Connected Toaster Uses Your Smartphone to Remember Your Perfect Toasting Settings Read More >>

Improved AI Means LG's New Robovac Goes Around Furniture, But Tells Humans to Move Read More >>


A Bed That Warms My Feet So I Fall Asleep Faster Is the Only Furniture I Need Read More >>

You Can Pre-Heat This Shower From Your Smartphone While You're Still in Bed Read More >>

Cyborg Elmo Wants to Teach Kids to Code, Not Exterminate Humanity Read More >>

This Smart Wi-Fi Hairbrush Has to Be CES 2017's Most Ridiculous Gadget Read More >>

Nvidia's New Shield TV Supports Google Assistant

Clever Chargers Remind You to Plug in Your Phone Whenever You're Near Them Read More >>

Glide Across the Water Like a Douchebag Swan the New 'SwagSurf' Read More >>

Fisher-Price Will Battle Childhood Obesity With an Exercise Bike Tablet Holder Read More >>

The Vive's New Tracker Turns Every Real World Object Into a VR Toy