Contactless Tech is Coming to Charity Donation Boxes

By Gary Cutlack on at

Barclaycard has been running a trial of contactless charity donation boxes, seeing as we always love a chance to pay for things via the futuristic sensation of a tap of a credit card, and the charities involved are saying it's doing the job and boosting receipts.

The bank says it issued 100 test devices to a basket of charities, with the likes of Oxfam and the NSPCC taking the chance to boost donations by appealing to people whose trouser tightness precludes the carrying of cash. Barclaycard has some figures that justify the new boxes too, with data it compiled saying that one in seven people have skipped out on bunging some poor tin-shaker a bit of cash due to not having any money on them.

Wildly extrapolate that percentage nationwide across all charities and that's £80m in donations disappearing because of our newfound love of tapping and going.

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Paulette Rowe from Barclaycard said: "Feedback from the trial has been extremely positive; our charity partners told us the boxes were simple to use, adaptable to a variety of situations and vital in securing donations where it may not have been possible before. We are proud to use our payments expertise once again to open up more opportunities for fundraising, and are excited to work with the charities to help them adapt the technology to best suit their needs." [Barclaycard]

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