EU Carmakers Team up to Triple Tesla's Charging Power

By Gary Cutlack on at

BMW, Volkswagen, Ford and Daimler are planning their own European supercharger network to help refill the electric cars of the future, with the current plan, the invention of technology permitting, being to create a grid of 350 kilowatt chargers -- that's nearly three times the charging capacity of the Tesla cars' supercharger.

The group is planning to build around 400 of the ultra-fast chargers across Europe at first, so it should be possible to drive from Calais to Italy in your 2022-spec Ford Focus. According to Reuters, experts from power companies like Innogy, E.ON and Siemens are working with the European car specialists to develop the faster charging tech, although with Tesla's supercharger topping out at 120 kW, it might be a bit much to expect three times the capacity to suddenly become the norm.

And it might all be too far off to really worry Tesla at the moment anyway, as a Ford spokesperson told the news service that talks with possible energy partners were underway; which means they're only at the businessmen-having-meetings-about-it stage.[Reuters]

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