Fake News Will Save us, Say Media Dinosaurs

By Gary Cutlack on at

The men, women, and self-aware algorithms in charge of today's massive media organisations think that the "fake news" mini storm could end up being good for them, as they imagine that the readers of the world may now be so fed up of it all that they might turn to reputable organisations and all start paying for properly researched stories. An opinion we might republish with the world "LOL" attached to it.

The hopeful thinking comes from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, which has released the latest version of its media trends and predictions paper. The institute asked 145 media company execs, editors and "digital leaders" their thoughts on the fake news trend, with a huge 70 per cent of them optimistically saying that the trend for spamming social networks with fictional news might "strengthen their position" as a raft of fact-checking services come in to refute the wildest ALL-CAPS rants of the day.

Researcher Nic Newham says the hope is that "quality journalism" will stand out somehow, although that's assuming people (a) care and (b) can differentiate true from fictional. Newham explained: "Publishers hope that high quality reliable news will be more needed than ever in a world awash with misinformation, but some fear that the public’s trust in media could cause people to turn away from news altogether." [Press Gazette]

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