Fold-Up Smartphone Gun To Go Into Production Within Months

By Holly Brockwell on at

In a development that sounds like a South Park storyline, a fold-up gun designed to look like a smartphone will be going into production in March of this year. Ideal Conceal is a .380-caliber double-barrelled derringer pistol the shape and size of an iPhone, supposedly designed to prevent children being scared by guns that look like guns in the US's open carry states. Because a gun that looks like something literally everyone has in their hands is way less frightening, right?

The problems with Ideal Conceal are so obvious and numerous that when the design first came to our attention last year, it set off more than a few spidey senses. Surely, even in gun-totin' America, no one would think this was a good idea. It means anyone with a phone in their pocket could feasibly be accused of carrying a weapon, and it's not hard to imagine this being used as a justification for violence. Many of the gun-related injustices committed against citizens of the US only came to light through movements like Black Lives Matter because someone was able to film them on a smartphone - reaching for that phone could now be seen as an attempt to fire on an officer, thanks to this immensely stupid gun design.

We've already had problems recently with smartphones being seen as dangerous - Galaxy Note 7, anyone? - and the kinds of plonkers who buy phone cases shaped like pistols have found themselves in trouble before. When this gun goes on sale, are we all going to have to hand our phones in at the airport so they can be checked for bullets? Again, does anyone think this gun is a good idea?

Well, clearly Kirk Kjellberg, creator of Ideal Conceal, does. And the reported 12,000 people who've preordered it (although we haven't been able to confirm this figure) must do too. The gun was originally slated for release in 2016, but has been repeatedly delayed by production problems. Kjellberg now says he's "shooting for March production," pun intended, presumably.

The tiny gun costs $395 (about £325, although it converted to £280 when we last covered this story - thanks Brexit) and "will easily blend in with today’s environment," since "in its locked position it will be virtually undetectable." With "one click of the safety," it converts into its firing form. "From soccer moms to professionals of every type, this gun allows you the option of not being a victim," says the Ideal Conceal website, whose phone number is 1-888-409-GUNS.

Among excited comments from people who've preordered, the company's Facebook page is festooned with gun-promoting memes and warnings about ISIS coming to the US. Well, fans had better hope they come in pairs - Ideal Conceal only holds two bullets. [Evening Standard]

Photos: Ideal Conceal via Facebook