Forgetting a £80,000 Pair of Diamond-Saturated Headphones on a Plane Would Be Tragic

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Thanks to Onkyo, throwing on a pair of fancy rose gold Beats headphones is no longer a status symbol. Compared to Onkyo’s new Diamond Headphones which will be available — to a select few — for somewhere around £80,000, those rose gold ear goggles you were so proud of might as well be just another boring pair of white iPhone earbuds.

One thousand diamonds on each side, so make sure you don’t drop them.

We don’t have any technical specs on the size of the drivers, or the power behind these high resolution audio headphones because Onkyo simply isn’t marketing, or selling them, to audiophiles. With somewhere around 2,000 actual diamonds embedded on either side, measuring well over 20 carats with near colorless clarity, the Onkyo Diamond Headphones will only be appearing on the heads of celebrities, famous musicians, and other ‘invited friends’ of Gibson.

There’s even diamonds on the headphone jack and inline remote.

The diamond motif continues on to the headphone’s 3.5-millimeter headphone jack and inline mic/remote with a heftier single diamond embedded on each one. Even with a £80,000 price tag, which can get even higher with customisations requested to each custom-made pair, they don’t work wirelessly. So celebrities who are also rocking an iPhone 7 might want to just save themselves eighty grand.

A ring of red rubies distinguishes the left and right earcups.

If all those diamonds aren’t impressive enough, to distinguish the left and right sides of the headphones, Onkyo has incorporated a ring of red rubies around the right side ear cuff, with a ring of even more diamonds on the left. If you’re shaking your head at how ridiculous over-the-top these are, that’s exactly what Onkyo wants you to do. The Diamond Headphones are as much a promotional tool as they are a statement of wealth.

We weren’t given the opportunity to actually listen to the headphones, but we did request a review unit, and are looking forward to really seeing what the headphones are capable of, and how they sound, once the Onkyo reps stop laughing. [Onkyo]

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