GCHQ Cyber Accelerator Funds Seven Anti-Hacking Startups

By Gary Cutlack on at

Seven startups focusing on issues to do with things that start with the word "cyber" are now funded by our intelligence service and government, with the GCHQ Cyber Accelerator scheme open for business.

On offer to the participants are such delights as access to GCHQ's technology and expertise, plus boring stuff like office space and hardware in the new Cheltenham Cyber Innovation Centre, should your amazing new world-leading cybersecurity startup still be operating out of a couple of bedrooms on 2013 Chromebooks.

Operated by Wayra, the ambition is to come up with the "next generation of cyber security systems" during the three-month programme, with this initial wave of participants including counter-intelligence company CounterCraft that uses decoy computers to trick enemies, hack early warning system Cyberowl, security compliance system Cybersmart, and several other startups that bravely don't have the word cyber in their names.

Wayra director Gary Stewart said: "This accelerator could have a huge impact on the global cyber security sector, generating the next generation of systems that will make everyone’s online experience safer and more secure." [Wayra]

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