Get Analytics on Your Dog With This Smart Collar Tracker

By Gary Cutlack on at

Dog-themed tech startup Jagger & Lewis has launched (a funding campaign for) a dog-tracker today, one that clips onto the collar of any standard old dumb legacy dog and upgrades it to a full-on data-streaming smart dog.

They have designed a "smart dog collar device" that uses a combination of accelerometer and gyroscope data to not only keep track of its physical movements, but also generate a sort of psychological wellbeing matrix that'll tell you if your pet is happy and sleeping well, or being weird and might be sick, or secretly hates you and is only really happy when it has the house to itself and can finally relax and tongue itself without embarrassment.

Here are all the things it will at least try to monitor and report back on:


Once set up and working, the device will send off its data via Wi-Fi to have the Jagger & Lewis servers populate a "welfare algorithm" based on how it considers the animal's hunger and even pain and stress levels to be. Exactly how it does that and if it's doing anything more than guesswork based on counting steps and comparing today's vigorous woofing movements with yesterday's is something you'll need to throw some money at Kickstarter and wait until May to find out. [Kickstarter]

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