Get Your Algae Vegan Eggs, Just £8 for a Dozen

By Gary Cutlack on at

Health food chain Holland & Barrett has launched a vegan egg in the UK. Now, how might it have done that? Sucked it all out of the shell and replaced it with soya milk? Rolled some flour into a ball?

The answer is algae. And although they come in something resembling a traditional egg box, what's inside the cardboard case is actually a sachet of powder that's used in place of eggs in recipes and when cooking alone. Brave pioneering vegans have been knocking up things that look like quite a convincing plate of scrambled eggs with the product, plus being based on algal blends means it's got the sorts of vitamins in it that you get from plant life. So is good.

Holland & Barrett's Carl Copson said: "Vegan Egg has been specially developed to ensure that vegans can enjoy the versatility that eggs can add to meal planning and, because they contain algae, they can help to ensure that you can meet your fibre and essential amino acid needs without compromising a vegan diet." [Holland & Barrett via Independent]

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