Grand Tour Episode 9 Preview: Germany and Nuclear Annihilation

By James O Malley on at

Over Christmas we were treated to two episodes of The Grand Tour over the course of two days, as we watched Clarkson, May and Hammond conquer the Namibian desert before a grand finale that saw them zip-wire their cars across rock terrain to a beachside finish line.

So what's in store for episode 9? According to Amazon's advanced publicity material the tent this week has been pitched in Stuttgart, Germany - though as we've seen with previous episodes, most of the action takes place elsewhere.

"Berks to the Future" will see James May put the new hybrid Honda NSX around the track in the so-called Eboladrome, and Jeremy Clarkson will invent a "new kind of fashionable SUV".

In what appears to be the main film in the episode, Richard Hammond will attempt to construct a "bugout" vehicle, designed to survive a nuclear disaster - but judging by this trailer that Amazon has posted, it doesn't look like it does very well:

The most infuriating moment for any environmentalists this week is surely set to be a feature in which the presenters will "attempt to meet the future demands of electric cars by harnessing power from the currently untapped actions of everyday life".

The new episode hits Amazon Prime Video tomorrow.