Greggs Delivery Service Launches in London

By James O Malley on at

Good news if you fancy a sausage roll or a pasty while sat at your desk: Greggs will soon be launching a trial delivery service in London, following an earlier successful trial in Newcastle.

According to the Standard, two branches of the so-called "Newcastle Embassy" in the City of London have been picked for the trial - and will deliver to anywhere within a 0.4 mile radius of the Cheapside or Eastcheap branches.

By our reckoning, this means that approximately this area is covered:

To qualify for delivery you need to spend £20 and - annoyingly - you have to order by 5pm the previous day in order to get your delivery between 10am and 12pm.

Presumably if the trial goes well, the service will be extended. So hey, 2017 might not be all bad. [Standard]