HMRC Told to Stop Cosying up to the Super Rich

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of MPs operating as part of the public accounts committee has had a good old look at how HMRC handles the bloated tax affairs of the super rich, and has come up with a list of ways the national tax collector needs to toughen up.

A general lack of transparency surrounding how the richest people are handled is the main complaint outlined in the report's conclusion, with the committee also suggesting that HMRC's internal language and staff job descriptions should be changed. For example, the way HMRC has a "customer relationship manager" for the top tier of taxpayers makes it look like there's a team at the department that helps the wealthy to pay less, so the advice is to rename these people to something more threatening. The MONEY GETTERS for example.

The committee would also like the tax collector to make more noise about prosecutions and investigations of the wealthy to form more of a deterrent, plus the group of MPs has asked HMRC to explain how it's now taking around £1 billion less from the super rich despite there being so much fuss about the supposed closing of loopholes and tougher enforcement practises. [House of Commons]

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