Hot or Not?

By Aatif Sulleyman on at

Those things you see up there, dear readers, are the Air Jordan 4 Super Nintendos, a pair of mashup trainers we think are pretty great, despite the fact they’re actually hideous.

Created by Freaker Sneaks, they’re unashamedly nostalgic -- the grey, the logo, the heels. The heels alone.

By the way, those buttons were pulled from an actual controller and you can press them. There's no word on what effect the controls will have on the wearer, but it's a pretty sweet deal if you’re a gamer with a foot fetish.

We haven’t got wind of pricing yet, but the bad news is that the Air Jordan 4 Super Nintendos will be super-limited edition, with Freaker Sneaks only expected to release 10 pairs. Ah well, you can still look. [ShortList]