HTC Vive Selling Twice As Many Headsets As Oculus Rift, Says Unreal Engine Creator

By Holly Brockwell on at

The VR war between frontrunning systems HTC Vive and Oculus Rift is skewing heavily towards the former, reckons Unreal Engine creator and founder of Epic Games Tim Sweeney.

In an in-depth interview with Glixel, Sweeney casually mentions that Vive is selling twice as many headsets as Rift. Although it's worth noting that with the whole market still in its infancy, so we're not talking huge sales to begin with.

Sweeney is highly critical of Facebook-owned Oculus's strategy, comparing them to the infamously closed approach of Apple with iOS. "I think it's the wrong model," he says, going on to explain that forcing users to "rummage through the menu" to be able to use Steam as well as the default Oculus store is "alienating and sends the wrong message to developers."

He goes on to praise the open Vive platform, and predicts that the current trouncing of Oculus by Vive will continue.

So the Battle of the VR Bastards is looking like a whitewash - but will Facebook dispatch some virtual Knights of the Vale to tip the scales in their favour? Have I stretched this Game of Thrones metaphor too far? You decide. [Glixel via Reddit]

Featured Image: HTC.