I Love The Clouds Aeroplane Wings Create During Takeoff and Landing

By Casey Chan on at

To my eye, the clouds that aeroplane wings creates during takeoff and landing look like some sort of force field—like a stealth shroud that envelopes the plane as it flies around. Reality is less fun though, because the clouds rolling over the wings are caused by the lift forces that lets planes fly.

Flugsnug, the guy who took the video of all the takeoffs and landings with clouds forming around the wings, says:

These are a by-product of the lift forces which hold aircraft up in the sky. Lift comes about because the air pressure is low above the wing, and a drop in air pressure (and temperature) tends to cause invisible water vapour (gas) to condense into the visible water droplets (liquid) we see as clouds.

My theory on the wing clouds would be cooler, though.