Investigatory Powers Challengers Raise Cash to Question the Government

By Gary Cutlack on at

The crowdfunding campaign by Liberty & The Civil Liberties Trust to pull together money to challenge the Investigatory Powers Act -- or Snoopers' Charter -- has been a roaring success, with the £10k target being hit in less than a day.

The initial battle is not particularly glamorous, though. As it stands, the money will be used to put the case forwards that the rights groups should be allowed to go ahead with call for a High Court judicial review of the Government's implementation of the IP Bill, rather than anyone actually briefcasing-up to have it repealed or altered in the near future.

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Liberty's case has four major complaints about the mass harvesting of our internet histories the IP Act introduces; the bulk hacking and control of devices, the bulk interception of communications, the acquisition of masses of data from ISPs, and the "personal datasets" that could potentially be bought in from outside agencies.

Liberty director Martha Spurrier said: "Last year, this Government exploited fear and distraction to quietly create the most extreme surveillance regime of any democracy in history. Hundreds of thousands of people have since called for this Act’s repeal because they see it for what it is – an unprecedented, unjustified assault on our freedom." [Crowd Justice, Liberty via The Verge]

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