Is This The End Of The LG G5?

By Holly Brockwell on at

It looks like the end is nigh for LG's modular-ish Android phone, the G5. Despite being one of the more original handsets on sale in 2016, consumers just weren't excited about the possibility of swapping in overpriced and hard-to-find components, and the Android die-hards who insist on replaceable batteries didn't materialise in sufficient numbers to save the phone from obscurity.

Now, it looks like the final nail's being hammered into the G5's coffin: Android Soul reports that the exclusive supplier of the phone's back panel, HALLACAST, is going bankrupt - and while LG could find alternative suppliers, it seems most likely that with its next launch already announced, it'll just drop the underselling flagship.

Even without the issues with the back panel, immediately discontinuing a new phone's predecessor isn't unheard of in the smartphone world. Google recently received criticism for dropping the not-very-old and actually-quite-good Nexus 6P and 5X when the Pixel launched, not only stopping sales of the phones immediately but then announcing they won't be supported past September of this year. And those were phones that sold relatively well, so it's likely no one will be surprised if the G5 just quietly disappears from the shelves sometime soon. As for what LG will do next - we'll find out on the 26th of February at MWC. [Android Soul via Ubergizmo]