Is Your Phone Screen Knackered?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Research into the state of the Samsungs and generation-before-last iPhones of the nation says we're living with some right old pieces of smashed up junk, with nearly one third of us ignoring damaged displays and bravely using a phone with a screen that's cracked in some way.

This comes from recycling firm EnviroPhone, which asked 4,170 phone-having UK citizens about the state of their current device. Just over a quarter of respondents said they'd broken their phone's screen in some way, but the cost and effort in getting it switched out and replaced by a clever person or a "genius" was too much for many -- nearly one in three of those would rather live with the damage rather than get it fixed.

Over one in five of the poor old sad-faced broken screen people were locked into contracts with at least 12 months remaining at the time of the accident too, which is probably the subtext EnviroPhone wants to push -- get a used SIM-free model and extract yourself from the contract upgrade nightmare loop.

The company's marketing boss Richard Mavers said: "To fix a cracked smartphone screen can cost around £150, but many people will be able to trade in their broken handset and get a replacement before their contract ends, often for much less than that." [Mobile Today]

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