James May in "Likes Bicycles" Shock

By Gary Cutlack on at

James May, of car association fame, would like to shock you. He'd also like you to read the Drivetribe web site as well, where he's posted an extremely out of character love letter to the art of bicycling.

The sedate hobby of using one's own power to travel about the place substantially slower than the top speed of a Porsche 911 is the core content of an opinion piece by the sensible person's favourite former Top Gear presenter, where he goes completely MAMIL and start addressing such cyclist enthusiast issues as correct foot position when pedalling and the best techniques for changing gears.

He stops short of recommending padded cycling shorts and hydration systems, though, and manages to criticise the hardcore cyclists' love of lycra sportswear, but still. It's quite the turnaround. He makes a good point about society's love of shiny tech and inability to grasp simple physical mechanics, asking: "How has the technical literacy of our society evolved to the point where this global and interactive digital edifice can exist but no-one can make the few simple adjustments necessary to make a bicycle derailleur shift correctly?"

Because it involves finding the screwdrivers, which is a right pain. [Drivetribe via Cycling Weekly]

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