Lego is Now a Social Network Too

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Lego behemoth would like to take control of the parts of your child's life that aren't spent playing with bricks on the floor, with its Lego Life social network now live for the entertainment and sedation of the under-13 demographic.

There is, of course, a set of bespoke Lego emoji so they can communicate without having to worry about spelling things out properly, with the site opting to completely do away with normal chat entirely in favour of emoticons and prewritten responses only -- no doubt to stop it turning into a groomer's paradise and it hitting the front page of the Daily Mail. Tracking is also disabled for obvious reasons to do with men from the 1970s.

The app itself resembles a Lego-based Instagram with additional sharing features and categorised posts. Kids are encouraged to share images of their creations, plus there are videos (AKA "adverts") to watch, building challenges to take part in and more.

It's launched on iOS now, for posh kids with iPhones to share images of the Millennium Falcons they got for Christmas. The broken, trodden on, arms-missing, Series 11 minifigs of children with only access to Android smartphones have been testing it since last December, with its reviews on that platform being a little mixed thus far. [Lego Life]

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