Leon's New West End Restaurant Is Staffed Entirely By Wannabe Performers

By Holly Brockwell on at

A new restaurant concept by Leon is giving aspiring West End performers a fresh shot at discovery. The "all-singing, all-dancing Leon" opening at 62 Shaftesbury Avenue is right in the heart of London's theatreland, so is a natural choice for a performer's day job while waiting for their big break - a fact the restaurant chain is fully embracing by only hiring performers to work at the branch.

Opening on the 8th of February, the new location for the fast-expanding national chain will have a staff of around 40, which a Leon rep tells the Evening Standard will allow enough flexibility to give employees time off for those all-important auditions. Theatre workers visiting the branch will also get a 15% discount on food.

A panel of Leon staff has been holding auditions for new hires, which will continue until the 26th. Successful applicants will be serving up musical numbers as well as snacks, with the aim of helping them get 'spotted' by a theatre exec on their lunch break. The company is still advertising for auditionees, so there's time to throw your hat into the ring if you fancy it. We suggest auditioning with Food, Glorious Food, followed by declaring "And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a wrap." [Leon via Evening Standard]

Photo: Leon